Sangford Schools, Innovation in Education. Chennai, Kanchipuram


Board: State Board, CBSE & ICSE

Classes: IX, X, XI, XII

(Only other School students, Not for Sangford School students)

It’s not only Tuition, its care about your Child,
Care about your child's exam and their future?
One place that's Sangford Tutoring, teach in an innovative way.
One word that's Success, Success of your Child in Exam and real life.

  • Dedicated Teachers
  • Affordable fees
  • Flexible timing
  • A one-stop learning centre for all
  • Less Student:Teacher ratio
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Assessment tracking system
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Digitized textbooks with thousands of Animations
  • Thousands of interactive worksheets that covers all subjects.

  • Sangford Education is pioneering in School Education and running schools in Chennai and Kanchipuram. Sangford's Innovative Educations now offers you exclusive Tutoring Services from Class IX to Class XII covering subjects are Mathematics, Science, English, EVS, Social Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Accountancy, Economics and Business Studies through its School. Sangford makes your Child get high score in Exams with ease.

    Why do you want to choose Sangford's Tutoring?

  • An innovative interactive learning aid and Sangford's worksheets are designed to provide solutions to the student's problems, in a step by step fashion.
  • Sangford's assessment methods including metrics process help students prepare for exams better.
  • Instant access to specific animation of any subject.
  • Curriculum based digital resources and infrastructure for each child. Day to day integrated teaching and learning. At home student can use Sangford's worksheet for broad knowledge.
  • Assessment, It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.
  • Make the teaching-learning process an enjoyable and impressive experience.
  • Objective type questions for self-assessment.
  • To provide guidance in preparing for examinations.
  • Learn while you play- A comprehensive approach to complex concepts through enjoyable fun filled activities for each chapter.
  • Career counselling and guidelines programs from VII student. This would give the students and the parents a broader perspective towards education, vocational courses and further leading to successful careers. Career is a major feature in people's life. Not only does it provide them with the means of survival in terms of food, clothing and shelter, but also the type of work undertaken by individuals. It has a major impact upon their self-identity, social status and standard of living.
  • Self-awareness, empathy, effective communication, interpersonal relationship, being creative, thinking critically, coping with stress and emotions. Active Reading, Effective Assignment Writing, Preparing them for Oral presentation, Exam Strategies, How to manage Study times, Balance your life, Career Goals are incorporated in our course curriculum.
  • We conduct sessions of parenting class in a year. The classes are conducted by eminent doctors in the field of child-psychology and school-psychology.

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