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Global Warming

Global warming is caused by the accumulation of Green House Gases like carbon-dioxyde and methane in the atmosphere. This results in a rise in the earth’s surface temperatures. When fossil fuel is burnt, it releases carbon-dioxyde into the atmosphere. Therefore there is an immediate need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and finding efficient, new ways to harness renewable energy from the sun, biomass, the wind and the sea.

Initially Global Warming was measured by the rising sea levels but today it has taken a more serious turn, translating into spiraling prices, food shortages and painful starvation.

While the earlier generation of ours, with modest earnings, lived by the noble principles of RECYCLE-REUSE-REPAIR, the present generation, with high levels of income, has brought about a high level of consumption and equal level of garbage and pollution.

At an individual level, we may not have the powers to stop the melting of glaciers or the shrinking of the rain forests, yet we have the power to replace our old polluting refrigerator by a new eco-friendly, CFC-free, low energy consuming one. Change normal bulbs and switch on to CFL lighting. Even by choosing to stay a little uncomfortable during the summer heat, by reducing the cooling of the air-conditioner, makes us more responsible and sensitive towards the global problem. Of course, coping up with the summer discomfort of heat without an air-conditioner makes us a champion-environmentally!

In this now-or-never situation we must let go the conventional and welcome the SUSTAINABLE WITH open arms. Perhaps turning green is the only way to go.

If we do not work towards saving the environment today, our future generations may never have a glimpse of the beauty of Green Nature.

Handmade paper is made from cotton waster collected from hosiery industries. One tonne of Recycled Paper saves 15 smiling trees, 2500 kilowatts of energy. Some 20,000 litres of precious water and reduces 25 kgs of air pollutants. So next time opt for Recycled Paper and make a difference to the environment

If you wish to participate in the war to reduce carbon footprints here are a few ways to get started at your home and office:

  • RING IN THE NEW LIGHT – The time to change over from traditional bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) is overdue. If India switches on to CFLs there would be a huge saving – more than 10,000 MW of electricity!

  • CONTRIBUTE TO SOME GREENERY – If we cannot be a part of India’s mega afforestation programme – let us cultivate a garden or at least maintain a few plants around our house / apartments.

  • DRIVE ELECTRIC CARS – When you are traveling long. This keeps the air clean and works out economical. For the smaller distances the cycle or a brisk walk is what the doctor ordered for your body fitness.

  • TURN TOWARDS THE SUN FOR ENERGY – By going solar. Choose solar power to heat your water in the bathroom and the kitchen. Try the solar oven for some delicious bakes and cakes. Switch on your solar lantern when there is power failure or load-shedding.

  • COMPUTERS OFF – WHEN YOU STOP WORKING. When leaving the computer active in standby mode, there is consumption of power and an increase of carbon emissions. So when you go to sleep or go out for few hours it is best to switch off your computer.

  • BUY ONLY ENERGY SAVING APPLIANCES. Look for the sticker with red stars. The more number of red stars indicates lower power consumption. With WASHING MACHINES always wash a full load to get more clothes cleaned using the same power. Ask and buy eco-friendly washing powder.

  • BUYING A NEW HOUSE OR APARTMENT? Check if the building is eco-friendly. With several facilities like ACs, with intelligent sensors to optimize cooling with least power consumption, and double-glazed glass to cut heating and cooling, by paying a little more for these, you save up to 30% on energy costs.

  • SAY NO TO THE PLASTIC BAGS – When you go shopping next. These bags are not bio-degradable. They release noxious fumes when burnt or dispensed off. Carry your own cloth bags to show your concern for the Mother Earth and to protect the environment.

  • GO GENTLE ON PAPER, USE E-MAIL FREQUENTLY. Just by reducing our use of paper consumption, we save trees that can become major sinks for carbon emissions. Using e-mail effectively puts our communication across as well.

  • RECYCLE-REPAIR-REUSE. The magic cycle can fetch great results. When we implement recycling of trash, new possibilities emerge from unwanted items. This process involves saving of precious material and energy.

  • For better results, spread out these secrets to as many of your friends, neighbours & associates as possible – to create a healthy environment.

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