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Sangford Analytics gives a clear picture of student’s, teacher’s performance and their Class performance. Moreover Micro level like Skill wise and Concept wise analysis is clearly visualised which helps the students and teachers to focus more on weak areas. Students/parents and Teachers themselves will be able to view the comparative study of their own performance.

We have applied simple statistical techniques 1. Arithmetic Mean, 2. Deviation and 3. The range for their mark measurement. Further, we are applying 1. Measure, 2. Analyze and 3. Improve simple Data Analytic technique to mark improvement without stress them. Now we have measured, we have started an individual improvement plan. Naturally, learners are Visual Learners, Auditory learners, Tactile learners, Kinesthetic learners, and Different kinds of IQ (language and logical) personalities. We can not apply the same approach for all, So keep in mind, we are planning accordingly, also expecting “School, Student, Parent Triangle” should work towards a higher GPA in their Xth & XIIth board exam score. We have measured chapter-wise all subjects individually, We don’t want to create any test phobia while doing this. Test phobia affects students' self-esteem.

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