Sangford Schools, Innovation in Education. Chennai, Kanchipuram


Do you want to be an educational entrepreneur by investing or own land and building, that gives good ROI and also creates leaders of tomorrow by imparting world-class school education?

Sangford School is India’s most trusted brand in the international education, and Sangford School has been featured in Forbes India Great Indian School. Sangford Schools running successfully in Perungudi (OMR), Chennai and Kanchipuram.


  • Build your own legacy and also build the nation’s future by partnering with Sangford School. Sangford School teaches the CBSE & Cambridge, NAEYC, USA curriculum, which is extremely popular among parents looking for quality education for their children.
  • By choosing Sangford School as your education franchise partner or business operating partner, rest assured you are on your way towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream

For further details, please contact
Jayanthi Sivakumar, B.Sc., MBA., B.Ed., (Spl. Ed.), ECP(USA)
Administrative Director, Early Childhood Programmer (USA),
Certified Dyslexia Professional,
Phone: 9840639084

Responsibilities of a Sangford School

  • An ability to replicate business process and innovative model
  • Obtaining necessary government approvals from local authorities
  • Ensuring compliance with required guidelines for the necessary affiliations for CBSE
  • Maintaining high standards of quality in teaching delivery
  • Recruitment, training and skill up-gradation of the employees
  • By partnering with Sangford School franchise model, you will get complete support in all stages of your institution
  • By partnering with Sangford School operate model, you will get meaningful ROI
  • By partnering with Sangford leasing model, you will get meaningful ROI
  • As a Sangford School franchise partner or Operate Model or Lease Model, you stand to gain the respect and guaranteed commercial returns on your investment.
  • Only the School, CAREER PATH program to our parents and students from Secondary School

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