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Children's Library

Books open doors to new worlds

30 Minutes reading required daily

Reading helps your mind bloom

Sangford Schools™ Children’s library is housing with age appropriate book materials and children’s CD-ROM, original Learning-Reading-Listening-Activity software, audio, video and DVDs are from USA. Moreover story times, themes which gives more attraction towards books.

Books are an excellent way to learn about new or unfamiliar situations. We strongly recommend reading books for kids on a regular basis which gives them a dramatic reading habits, and lead them in School, by encouraging children to give their own answers to questions rather than memorizing them during examinations

Scientists who study the brain have found out a great deal about how we learn. They have discovered that babies learn much more from sights and sounds around them than we thought previously. You can help your child by taking advantage of his/her hunger to learn.

Read regularly children age appropriate books to your child to create the habit of learning. Our library is well stocked with books suitable for children different age groups.. So it’s easy to find the right books for your child.

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